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Fibromyalgia (fatigue, numbness, or general pain)
If you suffer from fatigue, numbness, burning sensations or from chronic, general pain, it is possible you will qualify for medical cannabis after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Spinal Cord Injury (back issues, herniated disc, or bulging disc)
This condition is a generalized terms that applies to people with any number of back issues, including not only a herniated disc but also to a condition as common as a bulging disc. If you suffer from regular back pain you likely can be diagnosed with spinal cord injury and qualify for a medical cannabis card.
Post Concussive Syndrome (nausea, dizzyness, or headaches)
If you played football or other contact sports, even just in high school, you likely suffered multiple concussions, which can have life-long consequences. If you suffer from regular bouts of nausea, dizzyness or even headaches, it is possible that a doctor will diagnose you will Post Concussion Syndrome and qualify you for medical cannabis.
PTSD (anxiety, sleeplessness, or depression)
PTSD applies not only to veterans of military service, but to any survivor of physical or psychological trauma. Anxiety, sleeplessness and depression are the most common symptoms. PTSD can be diagnosed with a single psychological evaluation after which you will qualify for a medical cannabis card.

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If you need a cannabis-friendly doctor, we can refer you to physicians who can help you get the Physician Certification needed for your Medical Cannabis application. After we talk to you, we can give you some options of physicians based on your location, medical condition, insurance, etc…
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